ABC Maths In Action

~ @3 yrs and 7 months ~
Throwback for Oct 2014

I created ABC Maths 2 years ago when Sweet Butterfly was 2 yrs old.  She wasn’t ready for it.  I tried again and again, with a few months break in between.  Finally, in Oct 2014, she accepted this activity and she loved it.  We finished all 26 pages in 2 days.

The worksheets were created to use with our cubes.  But the cubes did not appeal to her.  So I used glass stones instead.  I told her they were magical stones.  She was into anything magical and princessy.

Placing the stones.Counting themThe next day, she just wanted to use her finger to count.This set of printables was created with the following goals.  I’m glad we met them

1) 1-to-1 correspondence

2) Counting

3) Measuring

4) Various maths (addition, subtraction, greater than, smaller than, equals too)

5) Letter recognition

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