Quick Funs #1

~ @26 months ~


  1. Fine Motor
  2. Colour
  3. Letters

These are what we do on a lazy Sunday when I do not have time to plan or prepare activities for Sweet Butterfly.  We just grabbed out existing materials and make impromptu learning activities out of them.  Anyway, they are still part of my Tot School plan for Sweet Butterfly.

Scribbling on our glass.  I wanted to build up her ‘shapes knowledge’ by drawing shapes.  But she just wants to scribble.  Which is fine, as long as she practice her motor skills.  We talked about the various colours too and had fun shaking the markers.

The dot-a-dot printout from HomeschoolCreations came into good use.  But I opt for a less messy approach.  Used the dot stickers from Diaso instead to improve Sweet Butterfly’s fine motor skill by peeling and sticking stickers.  We practice Letter recognition in this process and counted the dots.  After awhile, she was more interested in pasting the dots on my face and hers.

And we worked on her cutting skills.  She refused to stop cutting and kept asking for more paper.  This pic is an evidence that we were having fun pasting dots on faces. Credits



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