Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo

Another series from Growing Merrily.  The Alphabet Zoo.  This series will feature an animal for each of the 26 alphabets.  With 28 activities created, I’m sure you will be able to find suitable activities for your child.  For starters, choose activities like matching, playdough and alphabet stamping to slowly introduce the letter.  Use the magnet sheet and dot markers to further introduce the letter and weave in some 1-to-1 correspondence.  Disguise Math learning by using the patterning, sorting, matching, shapes, counting and graphing activities.  Build pre-writing skills and advance to writing the letters with guided dotted lines. 

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A is for Alligator
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Alphabet Zoo - A for Alligator

B is for Bear
Blog post: Alphabet Zoo – B for Bear

Alphabet Zoo - B for Bear

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