Apple Cake

~ @28 months ~

I tried this recipe on picklebums on the very day it was posted.  It looked so delicious and fitted well into our pre-activities for Letter T.  And…….IT’S EASY FOR COOKING WITH TOTS.

Supplies and Directions:  See picklebums

  1. Apples
  2. Various texture (flour, egg, sugar)
  3. Motor skills (mixing, sieving)
  4. Colour
  5. Measurements
  6. Vocabulary (e.g.: soft, powdery, coarse, knife, eggs, etc.)
  7. Practical life (danger of using a knife)

Preparation.  When cooking with Tots, I strongly suggest preparing everything you need.  You won’t want your Tot playing with that dangerous knife while you grab the flour in your cabinet. 
Before I start a major activity, I’ll seat Sweet Butterfly down, talk gently but firmly to her.  I will explain what we will be doing, what’s her role and the rules.  For this baking session, I explained to her that we would be baking an apple cake.  It’s a surprise for Papa.  She replied “It’s Papa’s birthday.”  I laughed and laughed as she kept repeating this.  Apparently, this ‘surprise’ element intrigued her and she was very excited to be involve in preparing the surprise.

Exploring apples.  I always let Sweet Butterfly touch and explore the ingredients, except oil (too oily for my liking).  We talked about apples too.  It’s colour, smell, taste and shape.

Her 1st job: Pass the apples.

I contemplated on chopping all the apples prior to engaging her in the preparation.  But decided to chop them in her presence.  When using dangerous equipment, I always set the rules before using them.  I explained to her the danger of playing with knife.  As I cut the apples, I showed her the seeds.  You can extend this to seeds counting.  I didn’t as I was too busy answering “Why apples have seeds?”, “Why this one has little bit seeds?”, “Why that one has so much seeds?”

We chatted and chatted, as I chopped the apples to pieces,  I simply just love this bonding session. Am also surprised at her waiting patiently for the apples to be chopped.
Her 2nd job: Help transfer the chopped apples into the mixing bowl.

She accidentally dropped a small piece of apple on the flour and insisted on cleaning the floor.

Her 3rd job: Mix the apples with cinnamon powder.  I discovered she isn’t into cinnamon smell. 

Her 4th job: Adding the remaining ingredients and mix.  She stirred and stirred.  I took a few seconds watching her stirred the mixture.  I marvelled at how much she had grown.  Images of us cooking and baking together for the many years to come flooded my mind.

She watched as I poured the mixture into the making tray.

This is one easy recipe to cook with Tots.  And it’s so delicious.  When Papa was back, Sweet Butterfly screamed “Surprise! Happy Birthday! I got surprise for you.”. She truly love preparing surprises.

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