Apple Tree – Apple picking

~ @24 months ~

I love this idea from NoTimeForFlashCards.  Since Sweet Butterfly loves painting, I thought it would be good to get her to help create the apple tree with me.

Supplies & Directions

  1. See the link from NoTimeForFlashCards
  2. Apple cut-outs from Popular
  3. Brown paper from Clementi Bookstore


  1. Letters



Stayed up late the previous night to cut out the tree using brown paper and prepare the leaves crafts.  I got out our Letter T sponge and tried to get her to stamp Ts on the ‘bushes.   As usual, she is more interested in painting her hands and doing handprints.  She got rather unhappy that I wanted to paint everything green.  Ended up I did most of the painting while she painted her hands (BOTH).
PicMonkey Collage_thumb[6]
We did some pasting on the leaves cut-outs.  I found out that she isn’t into pasting.  Still, she tried to do up a few leaves.  Again got unhappy that it is all green.  Her fav colour is yellow.
After everything dried, we pasted them up our door.  I got her to peel of the double sided tapes and helped paste the ‘bushes’ and leaves on the door.  No pictures as I was trying to stop her from being too ‘rough’.  The contact paper went up when she was napping.  If you intend to use the tree for lots of activities, I suggest you protect it with clear plastic and tape the contact paper on the plastic.  This was what I did.
We were in our Letter N week, so I added a Nest to the tree.  (Nest pic from MakinglearningFun)
And we are ready to pick some apples before our bedtime.  If you follow the instructions from NoTimeForFlashCards, your Tot will be able to peel of the apples easily.  Don’t leave the apples on the tree for long, else it will be hard to peel off.
I told her to sit ‘under’ the tree.  And she reluctantly agreed.


No Time For Flash Cards



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