Baby School – 5 Months

Throwback for Oct 2014

Hi little boy, you were learning to flip at 5 months.  I’m enjoying every second of our Baby School.

It is through play that your child will develop essential life skills, learn how to interact with peers and with adults, discover creativity, adapt and develop new skills, and also learn a whole range of emotions.

Play has a vital role in your child’s mental and physical development, and as a parent, you must realize your responsibility in creating opportunities for your child to play.

Babies and young children learn much from playing, and these activities help them develop valuable skills which they will need later on in life.


Busy Bee sat in his rocker often, watching Big Sis and me, as we played.  At 5 months, he had started to use his little fingers to spin the yellow birdy.  We encouraged him as he worked on his finger muscles.


I must admit that I failed in my goal to read to him daily.  But when we did read, he looked at the pictures intently and tried to flip the pages.  Working on his finger muscles again.Cotton Balls

These colourful Spielgaben balls were seriously attractive.  Busy Bee practiced his hand-eye coordination and grip using these soft balls.  He tasted them too.  Yucks!

Sensory Bottles

Sweet Butterfly and me made some sensory bottles for him.  He wasn’t very attracted to them.  Merely just working on his hand grip as he tried to hold the bottle.  I shook them so that he could hear the sounds.Sometimes, he got too excited and topple over.

Activity Table

I no longer tilt the activity table.  Instead, I laid it flat on the ground.  This enticed him to roll over.

He also get to work on his arm muscles by pushing himself up.Eye Movement

Our elephant ball machine helped in his eye movement.  Love it when Sweet Butterfly happily helped to load the elephant with balls.Outdoor

Finally, he was more aware on the swing.  As the swing moved, I said ‘up’ and ‘down’.  This is what baby school is all about.  Learning without knowing it. 



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