Baby School – 6 months

Throwback for Nov 2014

You mastered flipping at 6 months.  We are so proud of you.

Half a year into Baby School.  Time flies.

“Playing is one of the most important things you can do with your child.  The time you spend playing together gives your child lots of different ways and times to learn.”

“Play also helps your child:”

    • build confidence
    • feel loved, happy and safe
    • develop social skills, language and communication
    • learn about caring for others and the environment
    • develop physical skills
    • connect and refine pathways in her brain.”

Raising Children Network


We practiced passing objects from one hand to the other.

He could grasp pretty well with 2 hands.


Chicka Chicka 123 was his favourite.  This board book was too big for him to handle.  He loved looking at the pictures and tried to turn the pages.

Sensory Bottles

We made more sensory bottles for Busy Bee.  He got really busy with them.  Big Sis helped to choose the materials.  I guided her to chose a variety, different colours and different sounds.

I placed them into a basket with the intention of creating a treasure basket.  My basket was too small.

Nevertheless, the basket gave him opportunity to practice sitting.

But soon he was back on his tummy, trying to reach for the bottles.  Loads of opportunities to learn crawling and do push-ups.

Activity Table

Busy Bee is getting pretty good at pushing himself up.  The activity table continued to enticed him.  Now he tried to reach the buttons.  Finger muscles and arm muscles at work.

He loved it.

Sensory Board

We made a sensory board for our little baby.  Sweet Butterfly helped to pick up the sensory materials and worked with me to glue them onto the board.  This gave Baby Bee more tummy time and loads of sensory fun.

He loved it too.


At times, I ran out of ideas and just prop the singing elephant.  He coo-ed at it and I sneaked in more tummy time.

Containers Treasure Basket

I got this idea from Kids Activity Blog.  It was a hit.  Baby Bee was working hard to open the boxes.  He could sit well while he focused on the containers.

Sibling Fun

Baby School is never complete without Big Sis.  I feel so blessed with these two kiddos.




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