Baby School – 7 months

Busy Bee @ 7 months

Throwback for Dec 2014

Baby School 7 months

Getting stronger each day, sitting better each dayCrawling

To a baby, everything was exciting.  We merely placed a few toys around the mat for him to reach.  His arms were definitely strongly.  And there was a hint of a crawling position.

See that chest off the ground?


There was also a hint of independent sitting soon.  He sat for a long period, playing with the stacking cups.I love that tiny weeny smile.And that sucked in lower lip when he got excited.Ball Sensory Basket

Sweet Butterfly helped to gather the various coloured balls we have.  She added a big globe.He attacked it immediately.The ball sensory basket gave him another opportunity to build his core muscles.  He was a constant blur, reaching out for the balls.Eventually, we took the balls out and did some rolling.And practiced our colours.  Not that he mastered them.  Just an early introduction and awareness.Sensory Bottles

Our sensory bottles continued to be a hit.  See that?  Tummy of the ground.   oh, and that big eyes face.Almost there baby!Jumperoo

Sometimes, Mama needed a break.  So our little one had some jumping practice on his jumperoo.  Yes, love that pair of big eyes.  Ice Sensory Play

This little guy had his first mini ice play.  There was lots of push ups done. Arrgghh,,,,that fleshy little hand.Sticky Sensory Play

We ended his 7th month with some sticky contact paper play.



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