Baking? Really? (Part 2)

~ @24 months ~
It’s for real this time!  Click on the pic to get the recipe from Kidspot.  Sadly, I didn’t get a pic of our bakes. 
Supplies and Directions:
  1. See Kidspot
  2. I did not follow the Steps.  To minimize mess, we mix the liquids first before the solids.
  3. It’s best to get everything readily so that the Tots will not get impatient and run around with dirty hands
  1. Measurements
  2. Texture (from touching the ingredients)
  3. Colour (I always integrate colour learning into our daily activities)
  4. Utensils
  5. Sharing
Before we start, I had to lay down some ground rules.  No touching of the ingredients and utensils unless I give permission.  Trying to minimize the mess.  Surprisingly, the Tots followed my rule.
We took turns to pour the milk.
And the oil.
Break and beat the eggs.  This is messy.  Never let your Tot break the eggs directly into the mixing bowl unless you want egg shells in your muffin.  I started whisking the liquids using my mixer. 
And while the mixer is going, we peeled and mashed the bananas.  I add them to the mixture.
Mixer is still going.  So we sieve the flour.  Their motor skills isn’t there yet.
I showed them how to pour the flour into the mixture whisking away (No pics obviously).  Their involvement ends here.  Hot oven is a no-no for Tots.
Our banana muffins would had turned out better if our Tots did not eat the bananas while they were mashing and peeling.



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