Bible Study: Creation Days

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  Creation Days

Our home-learning embarked on a new journey.  BIBLE STUDY!  We are using the book “The Beginner’s Bible” and our lesson loosely follow the curriculum from ABC Jesus Loves Me.
We started with reading the Bible again and again.  And proceeded to do some crafts.  These craft ideas are from ABC Jesus Loves Me.  I twisted them a little as we proceeded with the crafts. 
Started with Day 1 where God separated the Day and Night.  And as I narrated the story, we pasted the moon and the sun (I got a little carried away).  I threw the glitter glue in just to create some excitement for her.  Sweet Butterfly learns best when something new draws her interest and makes her excited.

We went on to Day 2 where God separated the water.  I was pleasantly surprised that she followed the instructions of the crafts rather well.
ABC Jesus Loves Me has a craft idea for each of the 7 Days of Creation.  But we stopped at Day 2 as she had enough of the crafts.
We revisited the story on Creation Days when I made a fresh set of play dough.  We created the Garden of Eden.  As we create, we talked about Day 3 where God created the dry land and plants.  This led us to Day 6 where God created the land animals.  Halfway through our play, she asked “Where is Adam and Eve?”

And continued with some serious story telling that did not relate to the Bible.
Story Telling

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