Colour Mixing, Water Play, Fine Motor, Painting

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5-in-1 Activity   We had been reading Mouse Paint and Sweet Butterfly loved it.  However, I felt that she didn’t really understand the concept of colour mixing.  So I wanted to do a colour mixing activity with her.  But.  There.  Isn’t.  Enough.  Time. There were so many activities lined up for our Tot School.  As a FTWM, I’m often faced with the shortage of time for our Tot School.  I brainstormed and came up with this 5-in-1 Activity. I planned these activities in such a way that one leads to the other naturally. It lasted for 2 hours. The setup.
4-in-1 Activity Set Up

  1. Easel
  2. Big paper (we used mah-jong paper)
  3. Paint
  4. Brushes
  5. Cups
  6. Water
  7. Syringes


  1. Read on for self-explanatory pictures


  1. Colours
  2. Colour Mixing
  3. Fine Motor
  4. Gross Motor
  5. Transferring
  6. Hand-eye coordination
  7. Creativity

Mix paint with water in 4 plastic cups.  Add syringes.  Include empty cups for the mixing.
Tray for colour mixing and fine motor skill
Before starting, I tested Sweet Butterfly on her colours.  I have a very cheeky girl.  She will fail most reviews on purpose unless there is an activity she is looking forward to right after the review.  After the review, I exclaimed “Where is purple and orange?”  This got her excited.
Colour review
Use syringe to transfer the coloured water.  She worked hard in pulling the syringe and pushing it. This helped to tune her finger muscles. Also, she had to control her strength such that the syringe remained under the water level when pulling the plug.

water transferring 1 water transferring 2

Use paint brush to mix.  As she mixed, I sang ‘When you mix XX and XX you get XX” to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”.
Mix the colours
I don’t know why I added a silicon jug to the activity tray but I was glad I did it.  She was so fascinated in pouring the water.  We practiced lots of transferring and learnt how not to let the water overflow.
Water pouring
There was so much transferring done, till we landed up with black.
Pour, mix, pour, mix
Nothing much to mix at this stage.  So I invited her to paint. We started with painting on a vertical surface. This is an advantageous activity as it strengthen muscles in the hand and wrist. These muscles are not used when painting on horizontal surfaces. Moreover, the arm muscles are used too.

Brush and palette Painting on easel

I wrote letters for her to identify.  Tot School is never complete without some letter recognition activity.
ABC review
She drew the wolf and the 3 little pigs.  Coincidentally, her random painting did look a little like a wolf.  I loved how she used 3 strokes of paint to represent the 3 pigs.
The 3 little pigs
She continued to draw the troll and 3 billy goats.  Again, she dapped 3 spots to represent the goats.
The 3 billy goat gruff
She painted her hands, stamped them on the board and declared it’s the Big Green Monster.
Big Green Monster
Then we shifted the painting to the floor.
Painting on the floor
She started painting her feet with her hands.
Feet Painting
Footprints came next.
Got her to practice work on her hand and finger muscle by squeezing the paint bottle.
Squeezing the paint bottle
I purposely timed this activity before her morning bath as I knew it will end up messy.  We had so much fun that she requested for a colouring mixing session again.

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