Crazy Faces

~ @3 yrs and 5 months ~
Backdated post for Aug 2014

I have a long list of feedly and email subscriptions.  I scrolled through them every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I woke up. 
“This looks fun and simple to set up.”  I thought to myself as I read through a post from Picklebums.

Photo from Picklebums.

I thought this was a brilliant idea from Kate.
I thought this was a great way to use Spielgaben play pieces.
I thought this spelled a long independent play.
I thought this was an exciting play that was not messy.
I thought this suited a girl who like monster.
She gave it a try

She. Was. Not. Impress.
Oh well.  Not all my planned activities were a hit.  At times, she might not be in a mood or that activity just simply did not interest her.  For this case, I guessed she was rather clueless in building faces.  I tried to built a few to encourage her.  She just sat there and gave me instructions.
“What about the body?”
“What about the ears?”
“Hey, why this have ear rings? This don’t have?”
And so I had lots of fun.
Crazy Faces
She did try to build the body.

I kept the facial features with all the rings in the Spielgaben box…….for another day.

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