Cream Cheese Muffins

~ @3 years and 5 months ~
Backdated post for Aug 2014

I managed to sneak in a cooking session with Sweet Butterfly when PaPa was working.  The session was hard to control as Busy Bee wanted to nurse and nurse.  These muffins were so good that PaPa asked for it again.  He gave ideas like having a chunk of cream cheese in the middle and adding some chocolate flavour.  I agreed….only….if….he was around to help.
The ingredients.  You can find the recipe from Cookpad.

Whisking the cream cheese and sugar.  From the stains on her mouth, it was obvious that she loved the taste of it.

PaPa provided his ‘arm muscles’ and the result for a smooth mixture.

Beating the eggs.

Mixing the flour in.

Pour the mixture into cupcake holders and steam them.  For the chocolate swirl, we added some chocolate powder to the remaining mixture.  Dropped a teaspoon of chocolate mixture into the cupcake holders and used a toothpick to create a swirl.  If you would like to have a chucky cheese in the middle, half fill the cupcake holders, drop in a piece of cream cheese and cover it up with the mixture.

This was seriously yummy.

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