Creation Days–Part 2

~ @3 yrs and 4 months ~
Backdated post for July 2014
Creation Days

We did a bible study on Creation Days when Sweet Butterfly was about 34 months.  I felt she hadn’t fully grasp it and decided to redo this study.

This time, we did a book.  Sweet Butterfly was going through a stage where she didn’t like to sit and do ‘work’.  But it helped when I told her we were going to make a book for Little Bro.   

Creation Days
I printed graphics from Christian Preschool Printables and cut them up.  Her job was to colour and paste them onto a paper.  We worked together to bind it into a book.  As she coloured and pasted, I reinforce the bible story.

She insisted on colouring everything purple for Day 5 and pasted a Flounder sticker.  According to her, Flounder is a sea creature.  Well, she’s not wrong.

We retold the stories using Spielgaben story mat and felt pieces I had from various felt boards.  We talked about the creation of land animals and made up many other stories.

Added in a water play activity.  Sea creatures created by God.  Did a little fishing to practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor.

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