Dear Zoo – Playing it out

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Do your child love the book ‘Dear Zoo’?  Sweet Butterfly loves it since she was a Tiny Tot.  We borrowed the book from the library a couple of times and played peekaboo.  Now, she is able to identify all the animals and it’s time to make our own story.  For a start, we followed the book.  We had Elmo to help tell the story.  Sometimes I’d get a toy helper to get her interested in a new activity.


  1. Printables from kizclub (I made the words myself)
  2. Felt book (from GrowingFun)
  3. Laminator


  1. Laminate and Cut


  1. Words: elephant, heavy, giraffe, tall, camel, grumpy, lion, fierce, snake, scary, frog, jumpy, monkey, naughty, dog, perfect

As Elmo tells the story, Sweet butterfly identifies the animals and the cages/box.  If you are familiar with this book, you would now that the layout is such that there is only 1 sentence on one page.  The 1st sentence introduce the animal.  The 2nd sentence introduce a characteristic of the animal.  After reading the 1st sentence, I asked Sweet Butterfly to find the animal and their respective cages/boxes.  She would lay animals and place the cages/boxes on top of them.  As I read the 2nd sentence, I’d place the words beside the laminates.  Words don’t mean anything to her at this age.  I’d ask her to identify the words when she grows older.
The printables from kizclub are seriously good.  The picture, including the colour’ matches the book.  We paused a long while at this page as she kept asking me why the lion cage had no gaps between the bars.  I’m surprised at the details she pays attention too. 
The camel cage opens from the centre.  But not our laminates.  She kept asking me why.
Sweet butterfly loves this activity.  Every other day, she would bring the book to me and say “I want to play Dear Zoo.”

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