Delicious Omelette and Potato

~ @3 yrs and 5 months ~
Backdated post for Aug 2014

Before Busy Bee was born, I could do lots of baking/cooking sessions with Sweet Butterfly.  I enjoyed these 1-to-1 sessions and the idle conversations we had during the sessions.  She enjoyed it tremendously too.  These sessions kind of toned down after we welcomed Busy Bee.  Once in awhile, she would say “We very long never cook.” or “Let’s bake a cake.”  Her sentences were accompanied with a longing and hopeful expression.  Longing for a cooking session.  Hopeful that I will say yes.
We planned for such a session when Papa was home.
We made Delicious Omelette and Potato (Click for full recipe).  This was a super easy dish to make and you could adapt it to your liking.

Our ingredients

Brushing the muffin pan with oil.

Pressing hard on the hashbrowns.

Scooping in the ingredients.

Mama helped a little.

Cracking the egg with Papa’s help.

Adding the cheese.

All baked.  It was truly delicious.

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