Easel Painting

~ @38 months ~
Backdated post for May 2014 Drip Drop Painting at the Easel. The mere title of this blog post from Teach Preschool spelled fun.  I knew Sweet Butterfly would love this activity.  I started with just simple painting on an Easel.  Got Daddy to draw the picture according to her request.  She painted. And painted.  Her paintings usually end up in dirty brown colour as she loves to mix all the colours together.  But this was an exception as Daddy helped her. When she was done, I introduced the dropper.  She got hooked.  Working on her fine motor skills, she concentrated hard to get some paint into the dropper. I showed her how to drop the paint onto the paper.  She wasn’t too impress. She wanted to do water transferring.  Her face was full of concentration. I was a happy Mama as she got to work on both gross and fine motor skill in this activity.  Like what you see? Subscribe to Growing Merrily so that alerts can be sent straight to your mailbox.  You will not miss any printables too!  GRAB YOUR SUBSCRIBER FREEBIE NOW!

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