Easter Plastic Eggs

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Backdated post for May 2014

Activities involving Easter Plastic Eggs are often featured on one of my favourite blogs, No Time For Flashcards.  These were so hard to find in Singapore.  When I found them, they were mostly over-priced (in my opinion).  After a long search, I found a shop at Holland Village selling at a more reasonable price (I forgot the price. Sad smile).   The next day, I did a Letter Sound learning activity inspired by No Time For Flashcards.

I set up the activity in our sensory box.  Sweet Butterfly was supposed to open the egg, take out the letter and place it in the leapfrog set. 

We played for awhile and she started to get bored.  Just when I thought this was another ‘failed’ activity, she twisted it completely.  She took out her shape sorter bucket and used it as a pot to ‘cook’ the letters.

That’s when it got R.E.A.L.L.Y fun.  She scoped the letters into a plate and served them to me.

I wanted to meet my objective of learning letter sound.  So I told her to say the sound when she ‘cooked’.  And she was more than happy to do as I say.  


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