Easy Peasy DIY Treasure Box

~ Sweet Butterfly @3 yrs and 8 months ~
Throwback for Nov 2014

Easy Peasy DIY Treasure Box

Sweet Butterfly picked up a new phrase from school. 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. 

So apt to use this phrase for a non messy art and craft. 

This DIY treasure box was made easily with Busy Bee sitting on my lap.  We used one of the paper boxes we had lying around.  A good way to use existing materials which would otherwise go into the rubbish bin.  This was a quick fix to a Little Mermaid fan who very much wanted to have a treasure box.

She was thrilled to see my stash of jewels and sequins.  Happily ran her hand through them.  We started by squeezing the glue on the box.  But it was hard to spread the glue.  Hence I gave her a brush instead.  There was an added effect of a glossy finishing after the glue dried up.



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