First Sensory Box

~ @24 months ~

We finally made our first sensory box!  I wanted to introduce sensory box as a Tot School teaching aid for the longest time.  But I was worried that Sweet Butterfly will pop the stuffs into her mouth.  Also I’m unwilling to spend money on the base sensory materials which are mostly food items.  Seems like food wasting.  At 24 months, Sweet Butterfly has long passed the mouthing stage.  And I chanced upon some soon to be expired macaroni at $0.50.  Immediately grabbed 2 packets. 


  1. Air tight box (if you intend to use your box for long)
  2. Macaroni
  3. Brown rice
  4. Sago balls
  5. Wooden magnetic ABC


  1. Mix everything into the box.  If your Tot is ready to help, let her do it.
  2. Bury the letters
  3. Stick the letters so that they stand
  4. Let your imagination run


  1. Letter recognition

Our wooden magnetic ABC comes into good use.  Due to some rusty parts, I had wanted to throw them away.  So glad I didn’t.  As for the base sensory materials, I wanted a mixture of different colour and sizes.

Before we start, I told her that everything goes into the box.  If she put them into her mouth or throw them on the floor, we wills stop our game.  She actually followed my instruction till the end of this activity.

The macaroni went in first…
Followed by the brown rice…
And the sago…
Checking them out…
Touching them slowly and carefully.  This is where vocabulary like “bigger”, “small”, “white”, “round”, “long”, brown” comes in.
The ABCs went in
And we worked on our letter recognition and burying the letters.  As this is our first time, I didn’t test her on her letters.  Just told her, this it letter XXX, can you help me bury?  She loves this activity and we pulled the box out whenever I wanted an easy activity without much preparation. 



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