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As you probably know, I’m creating a new printable series named, Made For Tots, for Sweet Butterfly.  All the Themes for this series will be available for download FREE. So, what’s in my mind when I create this series?  

Made For Tots Logo

What’s is this?
This series will feature printable packs of different theme. In each theme, 10 different words and their corresponding pictures will be featured. The exposure and learning are achieved via different activities incorporated into the packs. The first theme is My Body. Clicking on the image above will bring you to the download page.  We had used this printable in our Tot School and you can read all about it by clicking on the image below.

Tot School in Chinese - My Body

My Intent
We read Chinese books often. Once awhile, when we remember, we will speak to Sweet Butterfly in Chinese. English has become our primary language. I need something to engage Sweet Butterfly in Chinese Learning. Also, I need a medium so that I will remember and consciously include Chinese Learning in our Tot School. I need to do it fast else she will grow to hate Chinese.

The original intent is to create a Chinese pack. But since I have a ready template, I shouldn’t waste it.  Moreover, I have non-Chinese speaking readers. Creating a similar English pack was easy, I just need to replace the Chinese words to English.

We use printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler, Making Learning Fun, 1+1+1=1 and 3dinosaurs in our Tot School. There are printable activities, like playdough mat, line drawing, flashcards matching, mazes, puzzles, animal pouches (and lots more) from these marvellous sites. Sweet Butterfly loves these printables and so I tapped on her interest. The Made For Tots series combine all the various activities that she loves.

Activities In The Pack

Theme Flashcards: 10 flash cards to be used in various activities.

My Body Flash Cards - English My Body Flash Cards - Chinese

Theme Pouch: Make pouches to store the flashcards. Got this inspiration from Making Learning Fun. We have been using this method to learn ABCs in Tot School.  You can see an example when we learnt Letter T.

My Body Theme Pouch - Girl- English My Body Theme Pouch - Boy - English
My Body Theme Pouch - Girl- Chinese My Body Theme Pouch - Boy - Chinese

Theme Mat: Use the flashcards to match them to the Theme Mat. Got this inspiration from 1+1+1=1 ABC FindIt!. I think Sweet Butterfly will like this activity since she loves to use our sensory box.

Theme Mat - English Theme Mat - Chinese

Puzzles: There are a mixture of 2 piece and 5 piece puzzles. I’m not sure which one Sweet Butterfly will like. So I just made 2 versions. This is an inspiration from all the great sites I listed above.

My Body 2 pic puzzle - English My Body 5 pic puzzle - English
My Body 2 pic puzzle - Chinese My Body 5 pic puzzle - English

Colouring sheets: A printable pack is never complete without colouring sheets. Sweet Butterfly will get to learn her colours as will as practice her pencil grip.

My Body Colouring - English My Body Colouring - Chinese

Playdough mats: We have a Tot who loves playdough.  So hopefully, this mats will be able to tap on her love.

My Body Playdough Mat- English My Body Playdough Mat- Chinese

Mazes: I love the mazes from the 3Dinosaurs Romping and Roaring ABC. Since this is the first time Sweet Butterfly will be exposed to maze, I created 2 versions. One which is not cluttered, and the other which is filled with words.

My Body Maze- English My Body Maze2- English
My Body Maze- Chinese My Body Maze2- CHinese
Line Tracing: I’m very inspired by the Pre-Writing Skills activity included in 3Dinosaurs Romping & Roaring ABCs Packs.  Sweet Butterfly loves them and can’t stop tracing the lines. 
My Body  Line Tracing- English My Body  Line Tracing- Chinese
3-part cards: I’d recently been reading up on Montessori learning methods. This is a new activity added after we did our first Tot School in Chinese. 
My Body 3 part cards - English My Body 3 part cards - Chinese

Pocket chart cards: Just another way of exposing and learning the 10 words and their corresponding pictures.  Again, this is a new activity added after we did our first Tot School in Chinese. 

My Body Pocket Chart - English My Body Pocket Chart - Chinese

My Wishes
The priority is to use the Chinese pack. The English pack will be used as and when needed. Reason being, Sweet Butterfly English vocabulary is way above her Chinese vocabulary.

I don’t expect her to recognize the words. The words are there for exposure. I want her to know how Chinese words look like. I would love for Sweet Butterfly to recognize all the pictures in the series and be able to reply in Chinese when quizzed.

Tot School in Chinese
And so, we now have Chinese ‘formally’ incorporated into Tot School. We’ll be starting slow. Probably, won’t be using all the activities in a single pack. It all depends on Sweet Butterfly’s interest and attention span for Chinese Learning.

Free Free Free
All the Themes for this series will be available for download FREE.  The 3-parts cards and the pocket chart cards for each of the Theme will only be available for Subscribers.  If you think this printable could be improved, drop me a comment or email.  I’d love to receive your suggestions.

I’m not a qualified Educator. This pack is created base on our Tot School needs, Sweet Butterfly’s interest and her development milestones. 

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