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Made For Tots - Animals - Chinese Made For Tots - Animals - English

It’s a long while.  The second theme for the Made For Tots Printables is Animals (Click on the images above to download the printables).    You can read more about the conceptualization of this set of printables here.  You can see how we used the packs at 1. My Body 2. Animal What do you get in the pack?

Theme Flashcards: 10 flash cards to be used in various activities.

Flash Cards - c Flash Cards - e

Theme Pouch: Make pouches to store the flashcards.  You can see an example on how to use this when we learnt Letter T.

Pouch -c Pouch -e

Theme Mat: Use the flashcards to match them to the Theme Mat.

Theme Mat -c Theme Mat -e

Puzzles: There are a mixture of 2-piece and 5-piece puzzles.

2 piece puzzle - c 5 piece puzzle -c
2 piece puzzle - e 5 piece puzzle -e

Colouring sheets: A printable pack is never complete without colouring sheets.

Colouring - c Colouring - e

Playdough mats: Have a Tot who loves playdough.  Hopefully, this mats will be able to tap on his/her love.

Playdough mat -c Playdough mat -e

Mazes: Uncluttered and cluttered version.

Maze 1 -c Maze 2 -c
maze 1 -e Maze 2 - e
Line Tracing: Practicing the pencil grip.
Line Tracing - c Line Tracing - e
3-part cards: I’d recently been reading up on Montessori learning methods. This is a new activity added after we did our first Tot School in Chinese. 
3 part cards -c 3 part cards -e

Pocket chart cards: Just another way of exposing and learning the 10 words and their corresponding pictures.  Again, this is a new activity added after we did our first Tot School in Chinese. 

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