Frog and Pond Theme

~ @27 months ~

Recently, Sweet Butterfly started singing “’5 Green Speckled Frogs”.  Tapping on to her interest, I decided to put together some activities surrounding this rhyme.  (Spot the grammar mistake in the photo above?)  

  1. Pocket Chart (Growing Fun)
  2. Cards (Recycled my wedding invites)
  3. Markers
  4. Toilet Roll
  5. Brown Paper
  6. Craft Sticks
  7. Printables (from DLTK)
  8. Blue homemade playdough


  1. Wrap the toilet roll with the brown paper
  2. Cut 5 silts
  3. Mount them on the craft sticks (Laminate or use a cardboard as a backing)
  4. Write out the rhyme on the cards
  5. Cards goes into the pocket chart
  6. Everything else goes onto a tray.  The playdough serves as a ‘pool’


  1. Numbers
  2. Counting
  3. Pretend play
  4. Colours
  5. Vocab: Frog, flies, log, pool

We started with the Number 5, waving the ‘flies’ as we sang.  Got Sweet Butterfly to put the ‘flies’ to the frogs mouth when we sang to ‘Glup! Glup!’.  We also made the frogs jumped into the pool by sticking them on the playdough.  If you’re wondering why she had her camera around her neck.  That’s because she wanted to switch role.  I’d to sing and pretend play while she took photos.
Continued to strengthen her Number Recognition by asking her to remove the numbers and place the correct numbers. 
Threw in the Pond Life lapbook from 1+1+1=1.  Also introduced the Hello Kitty Frog Prince from the recent Macdonald’s Hello Kitty craze. 
We coloured the pics.  Hello Kitty Frog Prince helped.
Tried arranging her name.  She wasn’t interested.
Conclusion: Sweet Butterfly loves the tray and the pretend play that went along with the rhyme.  You may notice that this activity was too much for her age.  For example, the words on the pocket chart doesn’t mean anything to her.  But I like to make teaching aids that last.  Will be using this again when she is older.  Maybe then, she will be more interested in the mini-books and spelling her name.


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