Get Moving & Learn Your ABC

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Get moving & Learn Your ABC 


We are on a journey to conquer our small ABCs.  Flash cards are not an option as Sweet Butterfly declared them as a no-no when she was around 12 months.

For this activity, we used the peg-it cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week Curriculum.  Honestly I thought she would love this activity as it involved pegging.  I love the idea as she will learn both her small ABCs, match them to the big ABCs and have some finger exercise.  I was wrong.

Tray Activity - Pegging Letters
First, I got some really small pegs. I thought she would love it, as it looked cute. It turned out that it was harder for her to use the pegs. More strength was needed to ‘open’ the pegs.
It's too small!
So I got out the number pegs we used in the Hanging Out the Wash Activity. She got frustrated in using the pegs.
Bigger pegs works better
Refusing to let this activity fail, I took out our cubes.  And showed her how to use them.
Using cubes
She started making a long snake. Then got distracted and walked around pretending to be an elephant. And ‘tink’, that sparked an idea.
Making a snake
I laid the cards out like a snake.  Placed the cubes on the small ABCs.  And showed her how to walk like an elephant over the cards. She really got into it. 
Snake ABC
First, she had to place a cube on all the Big Letters.  This was easy for her.
Placing the cubes
Next, she had to place the cubes on one small letter.
Cubes and more cubes
Then start to walk like and elephant while I take photos.
Elephant walking
We took turns walking and taking photos of each other and laughed at our silliness.  Great bonding here.  We continued until she got tired.
I love how I managed to turn an activity from something she didn’t like to something we enjoyed.  From a simple tray activity to some gross motor practice.  3 claps for The Growing Mum, who is learning why she failed at the start. Yeah!

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