Gloop Fun

~ @ 23 months ~

This pic says it all.  I only managed to take one pic as my hands got dirty soon.   


  1. corn flour
  2. water


  1. Add water to the corn flour till you get a gluey mixture. 
  2. Let your Tot do the mixing.


  1. Texture
  2. Vocabulary

I’m not sure what Sweet Butterfly learnt.  I just kept using the words ‘sticky’, ‘powdery’, ‘like glue’.  I tried to explain that when our fingers are not touching the mixture, it becomes hard.  But when you try to grab it, it slides through your fingers.  I’m not so sure if she got the idea.
This sensory play is a little too messy for my liking.  But I still do it as Sweet Butterfly loves it.  Maybe next time we will use this to learn colour mixing.  Till then!



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