Growing with Music – I Want To Go Home

Growing With Music - I Want To Go Home

It’s Musical Monday!  

This printable is an activity that encourages hands-on, some form of pretend play and story telling.  It is created solely based on Sweet Butterfly’s learning style.  That is, via story telling.

If you have been following our series, you would know that each key is represented by an animal.  There are no limits to the number of stories nor the types of stories.

Growing With Music

This 3rd installation builds on the story created from the first lesson, where we introduced the 7 notes.  Our young ones are expected to lead the animals back to their home.

Download the printable by clicking on the image below.Growing With Music - I Want To Go HomeRead about our earlier printables by clicking on the images below.

Introducing The 7 NotesGrowing With Music - The 7 Notes Game



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