Hanging out the wash

~ @ 24 months ~
I’d always tried to come up with activities based on Sweet Butterfly’s interest.  Sweet Butterfly loves to take up a cloth, pretend to pour soap, wash, and rinse.  So when I saw this post from NoTimeForFlashCards, I jumped on it.

I had some left over felt cloths.  Grabbed them along with my fabric markers, permanent markers and wooden pegs.


  1. Felt Clothes (Diaso $2)
  2. Wooden Pegs (Diaso $2)
  3. Twine (Popular)
  4. Fabric and Permanent markers (Popular)


  1. Label 1-10 on the felt and wooden pegs
  2. Hang up the clothes line using the twine
  3. Play


  1. Numbers
  2. Matching
  3. Creatively through pretend play

Play creatively.  For me, I just dumped the felts and pegs on the floor and exclaimed to Sweet Butterfly “Oh no, all my cloths are dirty.  Can you help me wash them?”  Sweet Butterfly loved to help, so came over immediately.  I let her choose her felt and ask her to wash them.  She began rubbing the felt between her hangs, asking me to pour soap (pretend) every now and then.  When she is done, I prompted her to rinse, flick away the access water, hang up and peg it.  Once she was into it, I started to direct her to get a particular number cloth.  When the washing was done, I prompted her to look for a corresponding peg.  The pegging part frustrated her and so I did it for her. 


To me, the key is get her to be familiar with the numbers and engage her in a matching activity.  So for the start I helped her to whenever she asked me to.  By the way, she still had not master the pegging part.  I’m sure she will soon.

No Time For Flash Cards



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