Help The Babies To Find Their Mamas

~ @ 28 months ~

Help the Babies To Find Their Mamas The very first development step for Early Literacy is to learn the ABCs. Quoted from, ‘Alphabet’ by J.J Beaty
“Research suggests that a child’s knowledge of the alphabet is one of the best predictors of her success in early reading”.Learning ABCs should not be intentional. Meaning, parents should not drill our playful Tots with ABCs. Instead, it should be done through purposeful play or naturally pointing out the ABCs in words we see in our daily life. Another quote from, ‘Alphabet’ by J.J Beaty on Self Discovery Play.

“Because young children learn through play, it is useful for the teacher to recognize the levels of “self-discovery play” all children everywhere seem to progress through on their own. We call these levels “the 3-Ms of Self-Discovery”: manipulation, mastery, and meaning. When children encounter new objects, say a toy telescope, they first of all manipulate it. They open it and close it, look through it backwards, roll it across the table, or even bang it on a pan as a drum stick.”

  In our Tot School, Letter Recognition journey pretty much follows the philosophy of Self Discovery Play. We use our sensory box primarily to learn our ABCs. Our Alphabet Soup Activity is another example of an activity where Sweet Butterfly could ‘manipulate’ the form letters and learn them while playing. The Apple Tree is yet another example. Sweet Butterfly is now able to recognize all her big Letters and we are working on her small Letters. Since she loved the sensory box, I used it to build her small Letter Recognition.
We added our expired ABC pastas and had fun finding the small letters.

Dumped the small Letter flash cards and hid them

Her task was to find the baby letters and bring them to their Mama.  This way, we get to work on small Letter Recognition and matching the letters correctly.

I’m not sure why, but she loved to cuddle the small flash cards and slowly lay the ‘Babies’ on top of their ‘Mamas’.  She imagined that the ‘babies’ were all asleep and need to lay them down slowly. 

Help The Babies To Find Their Mamas is invented by Sweet Butterfly.  I merely gave her the sensory box and form puzzle.  Showed her the objective of the game and her imagination flowed.  I just played along.  I would like to challenge you to do the same for your Tot.  Do come back and leave a comment.  I would love to hear how your Tot play.
Need more ideas on similar play activities, check out the Alphabet for Starters Series by No Time For Flashcards.

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  1. That is so sweet – bringing the baby letters to their mamas! I think I could use that idea for my 4-year-old. She's not interested in something that seems like learning, but if I tell her the baby letters want to find their mommies, I think she'll be all for it. Please thank your daughter for her brilliant idea! 🙂


  2. What a cute activity!

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Hope to see you linked up again later today.

    Have a GREAT weekend =)


    1. Thanks for hosting the linky. Will definitely join in today's linky.

      Have a good weekend too.


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