Laminates on Felt

~ @ 21 months ~
  1. Things in the bathroom
I got this printables from Kizclub.  It’s my alternative to using flashcards.  Sweet Butterfly learns more when she has some form of ‘hands-on’.  This is my method of teaching her things in the bathroom.
I’d lay the bathroom in the centre.  Introduce the things one at a time and placing them around the bathroom.  Next I’ll ask her to give me a certain thing.  Usually I’ll start with the easiest or something she already knew.  We’ll pretend play with the thing.  If she gets a comb, I’ll ask her where’s the mirror.  I’ll hold the mirror while she pretend to comb her hair.  It seems funny to do this when we have a real pretend play hair styling set.  But this is how she learns.  Overtime, I’d learnt to tune my teaching methods according to her learning style.



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