Learning The Proper Way of Holding A Pencil

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Ever wonder why there are so many activities about transferring and sorting things?  When I first started introducing these activities to Sweet Butterfly, I thought they are just different activities to build

  1. Hand-eye coordination
  2. Maths – sorting, colour
  3. Some form of motor skills

Recently, I found out these activities all lead to a greater objective:  Learning the proper way of holding a pencil.  Here are some quotes from the John Bowman, writer of the ebook “Montessori At Home!”.

“Transfers are among the very best activities for developing control and coordination of the arm, hand, and finger muscles – called fine motor control.”
“Transfers prepare your child to be able to accomplish all kinds of activities, such as pouring drinks.”
“Until a child has practiced all the different hand grasps using Transfers or similar activities, he will find it hard to execute a proper writing grasp.”

From the book, I found out that Sweet Butterfly was practicing her “whole hand grasp” when we transferred water using sponge during our Bath Our Farm Animal activity.  Here are other activities we did to help achieve the greater objective.

  1. Colour stacking cups
  2. Tongs (Diaso)
  3. Pom-poms (Diaso)
  4. Chopsticks (Diaso)
  5. Ice-cube trays (Japan Home)


  1. Fine motor
  2. Sorting
  3. 1:1 correspondence

Keeping our coloured cups using tongs
Transferring pom-poms using tongs
To make our pom-poms transferring more interesting, I placed trays on our coffee table.  Sweet Butterfly had to walk all the way to the coffee table to sort the pom-poms.  We had a mini competition .  This activity is good for practicing 1:1 correspondence too.
We did transferring using chopsticks too.  This is to practice ‘Pincer grip’.
We are still working on transferring using the chopsticks.

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  1. That's a lot of good fine motor practice with tongs! She looks like she's concentrating well on those activities, too.


  2. I knew transferring was good for finger strength and fine motor practice, but I guess I never put it together that it helps with pencil grip. These activities look so fun; thanks for the ideas!


  3. Kirstylee, you're welcome. I had no idea what we did was helping in pencil grip till I read the ebook Montessori at Home.


  4. This is such good information. We also found children's chopsticks at the oriental market, kind of like the ones you get at PF Chang's, they are great for this sort of work and they usually come in fun designs. They were cheap too, like $3 tops.


  5. Catherine, I got the chopsticks from Diaso, a Japanese $2 shop in Singapore. 🙂 I've seen the products from Oriental (online) and I love them. Too bad we don't have such shops in Singapore


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