Letter A Crafts

~ Sweet Butterfly @3 yrs and 8 months ~
Throwback for Nov 2014

Letter A Crafts

AlphaTales is a set of 26 books.  Each book features a Letter.  I bought the set after reading good reviews of it.  While Sweet Butterfly know her ABC, I wanted to grow her love for books.  More importantly, I wanted to do crafts with her. 

We spent some time on Pinterest to get some crafts ideas and finally settled on 3 crafts.  These were easy and non messy crafts, done with Busy Bee around us.  As the crafts were chosen by Sweet Butterfly, she felt empowered and happily went about with the work.

Glue make kids happy.  It make me happy too.  I love seeing Sweet Butterfly squeezed the glue hard.

Letter A Crafts

It was our first time using aluminium foil as an art material and feathers.  She was thrilled.

Letter A Crafts

Her master pieces. A for Alligator.

A for Alligator

A for Apple.

A for Apple

A for Astronaut.  We used star sequins to decorate the background.  This was an added thrill for the Little Mermaid lover who loved jewels.A for Astronaut

While we were at it, Busy Bee practiced push ups and neck muscles. 

Check out our Letter A Pinterest Board for more crafts and activities.



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