Letter H and Letter I – Zoophonics, Honey Horse and Inny Inchworm

~ @ 20 months ~


  1. Letters
  2. Colour
  3. Different painting methods

As usual, our Zoophonics lessons start with painting the animal pouches from MakingLearningFun.  Here are pics of my little artist at work.

Honey Horse – I usually let Sweet Butterfly use her hands and fingers to do the painting.  This time round, I thought it is time to expose her to various ways of paint.  Before we start, I told her we are going to use paint brush.  Today, we will not get our hands dirty.  She agreed.  She patiently tried but end up using her hands again.  She loves the texture of paint on her hands.  At this stage, I usually don’t insist on the right colour of horse.  I wanted our painting sessions to be fun.  We still learn about colours while we paint though.
Inny Inchworm – This time we tried stamping using sponge.  There she is examining the texture of the sponge.  I explain to her that one side is rough.  Interesting, stamping with sponge creates lots of tiny bubbles on the paper.  It was found looking at the bubbles.  Again, Sweet Butterfly prefers painting using her hands.  We will try again next time!

Not much pictures for this entry.  Wait till our next round of learning on Letter I and H.



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