Letter O – Ocean Theme Sensory waterplay

~ @ 24 months ~

It was the Letter O week.  One of the words I’m introducing Sweet Butterfly is ‘Ocean’.  And so we did up an Ocean Theme Sensory Box when Sweet Butterfly’s cousin came for a visit.  This was the first ever water play we had at home.  Thanks to NoTimeForFlashCards for this wonderful idea.

Supplies & Directions

  1. See the NoTimeForFlashCards


  1. Colours
  2. Fine motor skills by scooping and pouring water
  3. Fine motor skills by catching the fishes with the fishnet.
  4. Creatively

Spin offs

  1. Music
  2. Science
  3. Maths

Honestly, I’d no idea how to play this other then talking to her and emphasizing on the colours and the words ‘pour’, ‘scoop’.  The toddlers just led me.  They had their own mind when it comes to playing with water.  They just kept scooping and pouring the water.  Scooping the fishes into the containers.  When they did that, I started to tell them that fishes can only survive in water, hence they will need to add water for the fishes to swim.  We talked about how fishes can breath under water but not us humans.  Science hopefully.    And when they started scooping multiple pebbles and fishes, I started counting.  Maths huh? 

We played again a few days later.  This time, Sweet Butterfly decided to make rain using her watering pot, singing the song ‘Rain Rain, Go Away’.  Didn’t get a pic of that though.

Sweet Butterfly was so into it that it was hard to get her to stop.  We will definitely be doing this again.

She was so engrossed in playing and ignored my multiple request to smile at the camera.  Finally got a pic of her smiling.  Yeah!

No Time For Flash Cards



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