Letter S: Zoophonic, Sammy Snake

~ @ 27 months ~

As usual, introducing (or re-introducing since Sweet Butterfly completed A-Z with GUG), starts with painting our animal pouch from MakingLearningFun.  Knowing that our painting would get messy, I got her to do the snail handprint from Redtedart first.

And I was right.


Cleaned her hands and started to paint our animal pouch.  My little artist at work.
And it started again.
Learning the various things that starts with the Letter S.  We played this by pretending that the snake wants to eat the mini-cards.  I’d lay out the cards one at a time, reading out the words.  I love seeing her concentrating and trying to remember the cards. 
After that, we pretended that the snake was VERY hungry and wanted to eat the card.  I called out a card and she slot it into the pouch.  The cards are from Kizclub.
Did some dot painting with COAH printables.

We did some lacing too (before bedtime), using animals starting with the Letter S, like Squirrel, Seal, Shark.  The cards are from Activity Village.  Now she will go “First you poke, then you ppuullll….”.  Love her tiny mouth.

Didn’t manage to print the Prewriting Pages from 3Dinosaurs Letter S pack.  So I hand drew them and got them to trace the dotted lines.  She ended up scribbling.  This is advance for Sweet Butterfly’s age.  Main purpose was just to expose her to the steps to learn to write. 


I started introducing the idea of a Workfile.  Since she had a sudden interest in activity workbooks.  She loves to see us do it and award us with stickers.  The Workfile is filled with printables from COAH, 1+1+1=1.  Sweet Butterfly is still learning the concepts from these printables. 


Other things we did as part of learning letter S:

  • Holding her hand to write out the words and getting her to put it up on the whiteboard with the corresponding picture.
  • Singing Incy Wincy Spider using our printable templates (Kizclub).  S is for Spider.  This was one of the first nursery rhymes I’d introduced to her.  So she is rather good at ‘acting out’ the rhyme now using the printables.
  • Sponge painting a snake using a round sponge.
1+1+1=1 Confessions of a Homeschooler



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