Letter Search and Puzzle

~ @ 27 months ~


Sometimes I buy things cause I’ve a ‘feel’ that it will be a good teaching aid.  I got this during a sale when Sweet Butterfly was 12 months old.  Kept it away due to small choking pieces till I saw this activity from LittleHandsBigWork.  It was a SUCCESS.  We played 1 hour in the morning and 40 mins in the evening.


  1. Big tub
  2. Sensory materials (I used macaroni, sago balls and brown rice.  The macaroni was only at $0.50 a pack)
  3. ABC foam
  4. Any empty bottles


  1. Pour all sensory materials in the tub
  2. Hid the ABC in
  3. The remaining foam ‘acts’ like a puzzle


  1. Letter recognition
  2. Letter sounds
  3. Puzzle fixing


  1. Manners.  We used phases like “Excuse me”, “Please”, “ Thank you”, “Welcome”
  2. Capping and un-capping bottle
  3. Pouring and scooping


She went straight into it.
I asked her to pick a letter and followed her lead after that.
She picked a letter, held it closed and told me ‘A’ is sad.  I asked her why?  She replied, ‘A wants to go home’.  I immediately show her where is A’s home on the puzzle.  Got her to pass me A and I ‘made’ A jumped all the way home while I made the letter sound.  She got the game.  And we continued on. 
Soon she decided to ‘cover’ the letter home with her hands and then her feet after finding it.  I told her ‘excuse me’, please, A want to go home’.  She replied ‘ok’ and me ‘thank you’ and she “welcome”.  We took turns to get all the letters home.
I got her to give me a BIG HURRAY when we helped all the letters find their way home.
Started over again, and she decided her feet should help the letters find their way home.
The letter sound learning didn’t came out as strong as I’d like it to be.  In the evening, she wanted to add the empty bottle into the sensory box.  An idea hit me.  I showed how to scoop our sensory materials into the bottles.  Told her this is a shaker and when we shake we make the letter sound.  I’m sure I looked stupid throughout this process.  But she started to imitate me making the letter sounds.  That’s all that matters.



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