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Backdated post for Aug – Sept 2013

I had great plans for Letter U.  But things didn’t go as planned.  We didn’t complete the activities which I had scheduled for 2 weeks (weekends only).  Mainly because Sweet Butterfly was down with cough and fever.  Here’s a little confession:  I’m disappointed that we didn’t finish all the activities.  I could continued for the 3rd week.  But Sweet Butterfly had lost interest in Letter U.  I wished every Letter learning was as fun as Letter T.  I struggled with myself to stop the letter U lesson.  I re-read Following the Lead of the Child by Carisa at 1+1+1=1.

Enough said.  Here are snapshots of what we managed to do.  All in all, we still had some takeaways from this lesson.  Not much photos as she was in a don’t-take-my-photo mood. 

U for Umbrella Bird

U for Umbrella Bird.  As per tradition, our Letter introduction started with painting our animal pouch from MakingLearningFun. We stamped some ‘U’s too.  Didn’t use our animal pouch with the Letter U flashcards though.  Takeaway: Fine motor skills.

Painting the Animal Pouch

Stamping U 
Sensory.  We did 2 separate sensory play to understand the word ‘Under’.  It was fun re-playing our ocean themed water play.  This time, I focused on the things under the ocean.  We did a gloop sensory tub too.  The focus was to find the letters under the gloop.

Under the Ocean Water Play
Under the Gloop

Letter U Workfile.  She asked to do ‘lesson’ and I presented her with her workfile.  She was thrilled.  Not with the printables but over the fact that she can open and close the rings.  Takeaway: Fine motor skills. (no pics Sad smile)

Pre-writing.  Did pre-writing practice using printables from 3Dinosaurs (I bought the bundle).  These were included in the file to expose her to writing. We used the Crayola Dry Erase Board.  I’m surprised that she could trace well.  Takeaway: Pre-writing skills.

Tracing U
Activities for Letter T. She saw the pattern mats from Confessions of A Homeschooler.  I was over the moon when she asked for the pattern blocks.  I happily thought she was taking the initiative.  But she was more interested in looking for the yellow hexagons and using the red ones to make a full hexagon  Takeaway: Able to recognize shapes and build them.
Shape fixing 
Painting Us. We used our water colours to paint the Us from 3Dinosaurs Letter U pack.  Rightfully, we were supposed to paint he U’s by colour.  But Sweet Butterfly was more interested in colour mixing the water colours and painting them.  Takeaway: Colour mixing.

Painting Us

U for Umbrella.  We did painting again and pasted it up when it was dry.  I wanted to use our apples from the Apple Tree activity to learn the babies letters and the word ‘Under’.  But Sweet Butterfly had better ideas.  She hide them behind the umbrella.  Takeaway: Creativity to play things differently.
Under the Umbrella
Under the Ocean.  And last, we did an Under the Ocean felt and laminates play.  The laminated pieces are from kizclub.

Under the Ocean

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