Made For Tots – Colours

Made For Tot

The 3rd theme for the Made For Tots Printables…in Chinese…Made For Tot - Colours - Chinese

and in English.

Made For Tot - Colours - English

Here is what you will get in the FREE pack.

Theme Flashcards: 10 flashcards to be used in various activities.Made For Tots - Colours - Flashcards

Theme Pouch: Make pouches to store the flashcards.  You can see an example on how to use this when we learnt Letter T.Made For Tots - Colours - Pouch

Theme Mat: Use the flashcards to match them to the Theme Mat. Made For Tots - Colours - Theme Mat

Puzzles: There are a mixture of 2-piece and 5-piece puzzles.Made For Tots - Colours - Puzzle

Colouring sheets: A printable pack is never complete without colouring sheets.Made For Tots - Colours - Colouring

Playdough mats: Have a Tot who loves playdough.  Hopefully, this mats will tap on his/her love.Made For Tots - Colours - Playdough Mat

Mazes: Uncluttered and cluttered version.Made For Tots - Colours - Maze

Line Tracing: Practicing the pencil grip.Made For Tots - Colours - Pencil Grip

3-part cards: Montessori style learning using 3-part cards.Made For Tots - Colours - 3-part cards

Pocket chart cards: Just another way of exposing and learning the 10 words and their corresponding pictures.Made For Tots - Colours - Pocket Chart

Stay tuned for the Sunday Subscribers Freebies to get both the 3-part cards and the pocket chart cards.

Click on the images below to download the Made For Tots Colour Theme.Made For Tot - Colours - ChineseMade For Tot - Colours - English

Read how the Made For Tots series was conceptualized and see the previous themes in action at My Body blog post and Animals blog post.



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