Musical Monday – Introducing the 7 Notes

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Welcome to the first post for Musical Monday.  As a debut post, I’m sharing a printable from the series, Growing with Music.  This printable introduces the 7 musical notes in a fun manner, via story telling.  There are no limits to the number of stories nor the types of stories.

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This printable is an activity that encourages hands-on, some form of pretend play and story telling.  It is created solely based on Sweet Butterfly’s learning style.  That is, via story telling.

Here is how the story goes

  1. An octave is made up of 2 houses.  One big house and one small house.
  2. The white keys are rooms painted with different colours.
  3. Different animals stay in the rooms.

Here are all the 7 animals.  The colours of the letters match the colours of the rooms.  

7 Notes

I gave her some prompting like

  1. Oh, the Cat went to hide in the blue room.  Who’s room is he hiding in?
  2. The Elephant stomped into the red room and chased the butterfly away.
  3. Woof Woof, little doggy wants to squeeze with Alligator.  Which room is that?  Who is in the room?

Sweet Butterfly build stories as we went along.  Slowly but surely, I managed to introduce the keyboard and the 7 notes to her.

Let your creativity fly.  Most importantly, let your child’s creativity fly.  Download this printable by clicking on the image below. 

Introducing The 7 Notes Pin



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