Musical Monday – The 7 Notes Game

Growing With Music - The 7 Notes Game

It’s Musical Monday!  

Here is the 2nd printable from the series, Growing with Music.  This printable complements the 1st printable, Introducing the 7 Notes.  Through a simple board game, we aim to introduce and reinforce the 7 musical notes via story telling.  There are no limits to the number of stories nor the types of stories.

Growing With Music Pin

This printable is an activity that encourages hands-on, some form of pretend play and story telling.  It is created solely based on Sweet Butterfly’s learning style.  That is, via story telling.

Here is how the story goes

  1. A girl is working around her garden, looking for butterflies.  (Sweet Butterfly named her Dora, after watching Dora The Explorer).
  2. As Dora walks around the garden, she steps on the keyboard.
  3. Dora recognises the note, takes a pebble and covers the correct notes.

Growing With Music - The 7 Notes Game

In another twist to the story, we talked about how Dora visited the 7 animals in their houses.  At each house, she had to guess the owner of the room. 

Let your creativity fly.  Most importantly, let your child’s creativity fly.  Download this printable by clicking on the image below. 

Growing With Music - The 7 Notes Game



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