First Sensory Bag

~ @24 months ~   I had lots of sample body soap and shampoo for years.  Can’t wait to put them into good use when I saw this post on […]

Hanging out the wash

~ @ 24 months ~   I’d always tried to come up with activities based on Sweet Butterfly’s interest.  Sweet Butterfly loves to take up a cloth, pretend to pour […]

Gloop Fun

~ @ 23 months ~    This pic says it all.  I only managed to take one pic as my hands got dirty soon.    Supplies corn flour water Directions Add […]

Free Painting!

~ @ 23 months ~    We just have to do something fun when Sweet Butterfly’s cousin came for a visit.  Since both tots love painting, we did a big […]


~ @ 22 and 23 months ~         Supplies: Macaroni Plastic bowls and spoon Coloured stacking cups Learn: Scooping & Pouring Counting Colour Training her to learn […]