Paper Plate Crafts

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Backdated post for Mar 2014 

We took a break from the Reading the Alphabet curriculum and did some paper plate crafts.  It was an impromptu craft session.  I jumped on it when I saw this post on No Time For Flashcards.  We did 2 crafts, Paper Plate Butterfly and Paper Plate Easter Basket.  Unfortunately, I had lost the blog URL where I ‘copied’ the Easter basket craft from.  I set up all the craft supplies on a tray for Sweet Butterfly.
Paper Plate Butterfly

It was her first time doing crafts with sequins.  So she was excited.  Too excited till she (purposely) emptied my box of sequins.  It turned into a sorting session.  I was upset over the mess on the table and the floor but I didn’t want to affect her joyful crafting mood.
Sequin sorting
We moved on to dot painting the Easter basket.  Dot painting is the best if you want your craft to dry fast.
Paper plate Easter basket
Decorated the eggs.
Decorating easter eggs
I put them all together when everything dried.  Till today, she continued to play with her butterfly.  Busy Bee spoilt it recently and she cried over it.

Butterfly and Easter Egg Paper Plate Crafts
Butterfly and Easter Egg Paper Plate Crafts

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