Pom Pom Sensory Box

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Backdated post for Mar 2014 

Pom-pom Sensory Box

I try to incorporate Chinese into our daily learning but most of the activities I planned are conducted in English.  Since Sweet Butterfly knows counting and colour in English, I wanted to brush up her Chinese in this area too.  Am so glad to come across this video from 1+1+1=1 by Carisa.  It showed how she introduced various vocabulary to her daughter through sensory play. 

I quickly put together a box of pom-poms and bottle caps.  I added some ice cube trays, chopsticks, tongs, measuring spoons and empty bottles.  This simple set up turned up to be a great hit.  It naturally drew Sweet Butterfly in and we played together conversing in Chinese.  My goal was met along with some serious fine motor practicing.
 Pom-pom sensory box
She went for the chopsticks immediately.
Pom-pom sensory box
Learning from the video by 1+1+1=1, I asked her to place the bottle on her nose and ear.
Pom-pom sensory box
We did sorting of the pom-poms.
Pom-pom sensory box
Trying to pick the pom-poms with her chopsticks.
Pom-pom sensory box
I was apprehensive in adding bottle caps into the sensory box as I was not sure how it could be used.  She did!  She placed a pom-pom on each cap.  Some 1-to-1 correspondence here.  Eventually, she formed a train.  We counted the ‘carriages’ of the train and talked about the colour.
Pom-pom sensory box
The small medicine bottles were also her favourite.  She stuffed the pom-poms in and tried to get them out.
Pom-pom sensory box
This had became her most loved sensory box.  She often asked for it and will play it in various ways. 

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