Preparing for Busy Bee

Sweet Butterfly, our first love, our first child.  Since birth, she had our full attention.  When I was home, I spent my time playing with her.  We had lots of 1-to-1 time in Tot School.  As a result, she was like a super glue, glued tightly to me.  I loved it and wanted the adhesive to grow stronger.  Yet, because of this, we knew we had to prepare her for a new baby. When I was 1 month preggy, we told her I had a baby in my tommy.  She had to be careful and not kick my tummy.  We were quite sure she didn’t fully understand what we said.  One day, her teachers told me that she accidentally knocked her tummy on the table and said "Oh, tummy pain pain.  Baby no more."  She understood!  Here were some ways we prepared her. Talk, talk and talk We talked daily about our little baby.  We talked about how she could help to change diaper, bath, feed and play with the little baby.   I made it a point to use ‘our baby’ instead of ‘my baby’ or ‘your little brother’.  It helped her to feel included and responsible.  Most importantly, she loved the fact that she could help. Made textured books I involved her in making textured books for our baby.  We used file folders and anything that can be glued.  She was excited to prepare these for her brother.  I was gleaming cos we got to do some simple art craft to work on fine motor skills, counting, colour, alphabets, numbers, etc. textured book These textured books were easy to make.  I cut file folders into half, glued them back to back to get 4 pages.  We made 5 books in total. textured book 2 Presents We prepared some cloth books for Sweet Butterfly to give to Busy Bee when she visited me at the hospital.  In turn, she got a r.e.a.l. camera from her brother.  She was thrilled.  We were happy as we kinda ‘recycled’ an old camera we had for 8 years. Cloth Books Books NoTimeForFlashCards has a couple of book recommendations.  These were what we got.  I read them on a daily basis.  It helped her to relate and know what to expect. Books Busy Bee arrived safely in this world on May 2014.  Sweet Butterfly is such a dear sister to her little brother.  Our family is adjusting well, learning as we grow together as a family.



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