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We are growing in many different ways at Growing Merrily.  Music is definitely one of our most love way of growing. 

To build Sweet Butterfly’s and Busy Bee’s love for piano, I’d created a number of printables.  The goal of this series is to make learning piano theory fun.  While we wait for our young ones to build that finger muscles and flexibility, why not start them on some exciting piano theory?

The best part, I weaved in Math into the printables.  Math is an integral part of piano.  Counting, Patterning…..

Here, you will find games and various activities to introduce piano theory and practical to Preschoolers.  Sweet Butterfly started at 3 years 6 months.  We do 1 or 2 printable in each lesson.  At times, we re-do activities or games at her request.  Our lesson typically range from a duration of 20 mins to 45 mins, increasing as she grows.

The printables will grow as we move along.

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