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The Made For Tots series feature printable packs of different theme. In each theme, 10 different words and their corresponding pictures are featured. The exposure and learning are achieved via different activities incorporated into the packs.  I’d written a blog on what’s going on in my mind when I created this series.  You can read more on why this series is created and where I got my inspiration by clicking on the image below.  Feel free to provide comments on how this series can improved


The series is available for free.  The 3-part cards and the pocket chart cards are exclusive for Subscribers only.  If you are interested to grab these extras, get the exclusive code at the end of this page.


Theme: My Body
Blog post: Tot School in Chinese – My Body

Made For Tot - My Body - ChineseMade For Tot - My Body - English

Theme: Animals
Blog post: Tot School in Chinese – Animals

Made For Tot - Animal - ChineseMade For Tot - Animal - English

Theme: Colours
Blog post: Made For Tots – Colours

Made For Tot - Colours - ChineseMade For Tot - Colours - English

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