Quick Funs #2

~ @27 months ~

Here is another post for our Quick Funs series

  1. Colours
  2. Fine Motors
  3. Letter Recognition
  4. Number Recognition
  5. Shapes
  6. Counting
  7. Singing and Music

Colouring.  Our printed colouring pages from COAH always comes in handy when we’re bored.  Our colouring sessions are filled with mini conversations.  Sometimes I’ll sneak in some review test by asking her to identify the colours, the letters and the images.  I’ll try not to overdo this as it turns her off from the colouring. 


Dot stickers.  The printables are from COAH.  My technique of asking her to ‘cover’ the ‘holes’ always work.  There are some slight improvements.  She is able to ‘cover’ the ‘holes’ much better.  We practice counting.  As usual, she gets lazy and wanted to use my finger to count.  I just goes along with her suggestion.
Piano.  My piano comes to the rescue when we run out of ideas.  She loves to guess the tune I play and wants me to guide her index finger in playing a song.  She’s in love with Aiken Drum now.  The scores are from MakingMusicFun.
ABC stickers.  Grab some paper and markers.  Title the paper with the Big and Small Letters.  I use the ABC stickers to get her to paste on the right paper.  She got to find the Letters and stick them on the paper.  She is not fascinated by this activity.  Will try again.  This is part of a greater plan to make an ABC book.
Sorting patterns.  Bought the pattern blocks recently from GrowingFun during their GSS sale.  I’ve intention to use them with the printables from COAH.  But since I’d not got round to printing them, I thought I’ll use our pocket chart to do some sorting activity as well as learning the shapes.  She is only interested in hexagon as it is yellow (her fav colour).  It’s funny when she keeps repeating ‘accident’.  I usually don’t do much correction when I introduce a new teaching tool.  We just try to have fun. 


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