Quick Funs #3

~ @28 months ~

Here is another post for our Quick Funs series.


  1. Letter Recognition
  2. Colours
  3. Fine Motor

The different learning activities we can do with Playdough is endless.  Printing letters on our homemade playdough.  I rolled the dough.  Sweet Butterfly helped to find the letters and press them on the dough.  I tried to ask ‘What’s the next letter?’  While she knows her A-Z and the song, she still does not understand sequencing.  That is, what comes before and what comes after.

Practicing fine motor skills using magnets.  There are lots of such printables around.  We used ours from the LOTW curriculum from COAH.  I like the colours and how it ties in with our Zoophonic curriculum.  This time, instead of having this activity on a tray, we did it on our easel board.
We did more colouring using dry erase markers and the printables from COAH and 1+1+1=1.  For us, colouring before bedtime is a great activity to get Sweet Butterfly ready for bed.  The printables helps to re-enforce her knowledge of Letters and Colours.  As she colours, we identify the objects that starts with the letters.  Practiced our Letter Sound too.


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