Rainbow Soap Foam Sensory Play

~ @35 months ~
Backdated post for Feb 2014 

We had done lots of water play or messy play in our washroom.  When I saw the rainbow soap foam from Fun At Home With Kids, I knew we had to do add this activity to the list.  I used my cake mixer to make the foam.  As an added surprised, I hid some bath toy fishes under the foam.
Can’t wait to start

Dig in and swirl the foam

And swirl….

And s.w.i.r.l……

Found the fish

By now the foam had disappeared as this impatient Mama didn’t whisk it long enough.  I gave her a whisk and showed her how to make more foam.  It was hard work for her.  But she get to build those arm muscles. 

And she found out that the fish can ‘blow’ bubbles!

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