Reading the Alphabet – Letter T

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Backdated post for Jan 2014 

We started on a new Alphabet Curriculum with Sweet Butterfly.  Reading the Alphabet by Becky at This Reading Mama.  I wanted to expose Sweet Butterfly to sight words.  My intention was to go slow.  Definitely not doing a letter a week.
Painting Letter T
I drew a big T and she painted it.  This vertical painting activity trained her arm muscles.

It progressed to hand-printing on Letter T.

We stamped some T on the paper too. 

Sensory Box
We reused our sensory box to introduce all the pictured cards and the sight word.  Her job was to match the picture cards to the words.  She liked it when I use the ‘job’ as she loved the sense of responsibility.  As she did the matching, I read the sentence.  She wasn’t aware of what is happening.  Just too busy with the sensory box.

Water Colour
We used water colour to colour the Letter T colouring page.  Sweet Butterfly loved this activity as it involved washing the brush and changing colour.

Animal ABC

Our first time using the Animal ABC.  This was a great activity.  I cut the animals and she did all the pasting.  We also did some colouring and word tracing.

Letter T Book

At the end of the lesson, she could read the book with the help of the pictures.  And she was so proud of herself.

T is for Tracks
Her most loved activity.  This activity is from the Spielgaben teaching manual.  Sweet Butterfly printed the tracks using the rectangular wooden block and I connected them.  I didn’t expect her to like it so much.  As she rolled her toy car on the tracks, she made up stories.  This master piece was the centre of attraction for more than a week!  She played with it everyday.

Counting Mat
I loved this counting mat from the curriculum and I thought the Spielgaben points was perfect for this activity.  However, Sweet Butterfly was totally not interested.  Guess this is something to try again at a later phase.

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