Reading The Alphabet – Letter C

~ @3 years and 5 months ~
Backdated post for Aug 2014

Our fourth lesson from the Reading the Alphabet.  You can find previous lessons as follows
Letter T
Letter F
Letter P

ABC Find It!
I finally changed our sensory box base.  We coloured macaroni together and I used them as sensory base for her ABC Find It!

See her happy face?  Totally worth our effort in colouring the macaroni.

There were lots of digging….

Before she finally match them.

Sight Word Maze
She was willing to do this activity after I changed it.  We used cotton buds to apply the glue and poured glitter over it.  It was messy but worth it.

Since she enjoyed the use of glitter, I let her use glitter glue to trace the letters.  She had fun.

We were so blessed the Busy Bee just lazed in his rocker throughout our activities.

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